Bonus, Vacation, and Time-Off

After your first six (6) months of employment drivers will receive a $1000.00 sign-on bonus and one week time off with family, then another vacation at one year - one week paid, three years - two weeks paid, ten years - three weeks paid and fifteen years - four weeks paid. Annual vacation pay is calculated by using your average gross pay from the previous year so as an example if you make $52,000.00 a year, your vacation compensation will be $1000.00 for each eligible week. The first vacation at six months when you are eligible for the sign on bonus. Holidays are paid at $100 per day for six Holidays after 90 days of service. Time-off requests are an automated process with instant approval in some circumstances.

Orientation and Training Pay

  • Minimum of three days paid orientation
  • Travel expense reimbursement
  • Apprentice drivers are paid for all days while in training

Home & Family Time

Weekly home time with easy access to time off.

Our drivers are typically home every week and depending on where you live and the route you are assigned home time could be more frequent. We are proud to say that the majority of our drivers are home every week. Depending on the length of haul, break downs, delays, weather, etc. some load assignments may require extended time out.

Knowing the demands of our profession, we are very aware of the home time and family needs of our drivers. We provide easy access to personal time off with instant approval under certain circumstances. Instant approval occurs with proper notice (7 days) and previously submitted times off requests for the day from our total driver roster does not exceed 5%.

Cheeseman LLC Healthcare Plans

CDHP HSA Qualified IRS Plan
  • Consumer driven IRS qualified plan allowing you to establish a personal Health Savings Account where you can defer healthcare dollar pre-tax
  • Pays 100% of preventive services
  • COBRA reimbursement
Buy-up Healthcare Traditional Plan
  • Drug card
  • National coverage
  • Pays 100% of preventative services
  • COBRA reimbursement

Fidelity Investments 401(k)

  • Large selection of funds to choose including the new Freedom Funds
  • Easy access via phone or Internet at
  • Company match

HumanaOne Vision

The Humana Vision Insurance benefits are voluntary and include:

  • HumanaOne Vision Insurance
  • Vision insurance with savings on eye exams, eyeglasses, and contacts

Sun Life Financial Dental

Benefits are voluntary and include:

  • Dental benefits include 100% coverage for Preventative services, 90% for Basic services and 50% for Major services. Coverage includes a per person/per year $50.00 deductible and a maximum benefit of $1000.00

Sun Life Financial Life Insurance

The Sun Life Insurance benefits are voluntary and include:

  • Group Life Insurance coverage allows for coverage up to $200,000 for employee. Coverage can be for employee, spouse ($25,000) and children ($10,000).

Zurich AD&D

The group AD&D voluntary benefit includes coverage up to $250,000 in $10,000.00 increments. Coverage can include the employee, spouse and children.

Sun Life Financial LTD

  • Voluntary Long Term Disability coverage at 90 days of disability pays up to 60% or $6000 of your gross wages for 24 months.

No Cost Benefits from Sun Life Financial

Benefits at no cost to the employee include:

  • Short Term Disability coverage for the first 90 days of disability.
  • $15,000 Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment

COBRA Reimbursement

For those with current health care coverage you are eligible for COBRA reimbursement for the first 60 days of employment. With a copy of a COBRA invoice and proof of payment.